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Masters of List Building
Build, Nurture & Monetize Your Audience 
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October 23th - 26th, 2018

Learn from the Top List-Builders in the World
Meet our Valuable speakers who will each be giving a 45+ minute training talk on different aspects of List Building, including how to build your tribe with Facebook Groups, Pages and Ads, how to leverage Youtube for maximum conversions, how to prepare your audience for high-ticket sales, and much, much more! Hope you will have a great time listening to our presentations!
Kevin Nations
World's Most Effective Mentor
High-Ticket Mastery: 
How to Attract Leads Specifically for High-Ticket Sales and Big Profits
Not every lead is created equal and this is especially true for High-ticket Sales. If you want to prepare your leads for a powerful sales call you need a powerful process to get them ready for transformation. The Master of High-ticket Sales will show you:.
  •  • How to finally adopt an abundant mindset for yourself and your clients
  •  • Learn the secrets to “vetting” leads for high-ticket sales and big profits
  •  • Discover how you can prepare your clients for powerful transformation
Justin Brown
CEO & Founder of Primal Video
Youtube Mastery: 
An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Premiere Video Platform for Lead Generation
Did you know that YouTube is an untapped resource for most businesses? Whether you sell digital products, physical products or own a brick and mortar business, YouTube can help you find and convert potential customers. The Master of YouTube will show you: 
  •  • Learn the secrets of the most powerful influencers on YouTube (and how they turn viewers into customers)
  •  • Find out how to make epic videos that capture attention and go viral all over the internet
  •  • Discover why most people actually fail on YouTube and why YOU don’t have to
John Parkes
Chief Revenue Officer, ClickFunnels
Sales Funnel Mastery: 
Discover how to “Fill Your Funnel” with Quality Ads and Amazing Marketing
If you build a funnel in the middle of the forest, does it make a sound? The truth is that if you want your funnel to succeed, you need people to see it! The real magic of funnels is when you fill your funnel with the perfect lead and watch them effortlessly convert into a sale. The Master of Sales Funnel will show you:
  •  • Discover the KEY creative elements of a high-converting Ad in ANY industry
  •  • Learn how to fill your funnel with QUALITY leads so you can increase ROI
  •  • Find out what’s working NOW in the world of funnels to generate heavy cash-flow
Andrew Gottlieb
CEO & Founder, No Typical Moments
Social Media Agencies Mastery: 
How to Start a Rockstar Social Media Ad Agency That Gets High Quality Leads for Top Companies and Online Brands
Running Facebook Ads is one thing, but starting a social media ad agency is a whole different thing. When it comes to online business, lead generation is something companies and brands will pay a lot of money for. The Master of Social Media Ad Agencies will show you:
  •  • Discover what makes a social media advertising agency GREAT
  •  • Learn what NOT to do as a facebook ad freelancer or agency owner
  •  • Get clients who care and work to make a difference in the world.
Mason Betsch
Facebook Ad Expert, No Typical Moments
Facebook Ad Mastery: 
Get the Most Up-To-Date Facebook Strategies for Increasing Conversions and Engagement
If you want Facebook Ads that actually convert, then you need to know what strategies and techniques are working NOW. The fact is that Facebook is ALWAYS changing and you need to stay up-to-date. The Master of Facebook Ads will show you:
  •  • Prevent the dreaded Ad campaign that hemorrhages money
  •  • Learn the tactics and tools of a Facebook Ninja to optimize for high ROI
  •  • Discover what’s working NOW in the ever-changing world of Facebook
Kylie Slavik
Brand Story Consultant & Copywriter
Storytelling Mastery: 
An “Untapped” Resource for Building Your Tribe Online and Creating Maximum Impact
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Jaws, The Matrix: What do all these movies have in common? Besides being blockbuster hits - they ALL follow Joseph Cambell’s Hero’s Journey. And If you really want to connect with your tribe online, the Hero’s Journey is your Key to the Kingdom. The Master of storytelling will show you:
  •  • Learn how to engage people in a story of hope and transformation that will making “selling” effortless
  •  • Tap into an ageless narrative that speaks to your customers deepest fears, hopes and dreams
  •  • Create stories with classic archetypes that can convey a powerful message to the marketplace
Jon Tarr
Serial Entrepreneur and Business Trainer
Paid Traffic Mastery: 
Learn the World’s Most “Unknown” Techniques for Buying (and even Selling) Traffic
Behind the curtain of most successful online businesses is a wizard of paid traffic and this is your chance to learn from one of the best. While it is no secret that most people have to “pay-to-play” in the modern marketplace, how you pay is still a secret for most people, until now. The Master of Paid Traffic will show you:
  •  • Learn the top 7 secrets to converting paid traffic so you are making money right out of the gate
  •  • Get the inside scoop on ethically buying and selling leads for a profit without spamming
  •  • Discover where the best marketers in the world find quality, yet inexpensive, leads (you might be surprised)
Joel Erway
The Webinar Agency, Founder
Webinar Mastery:
How to Become a Webinar Wizard and Get People to Show Up and Watch Your Sales Presentations!
In the world on online business, the coveted “high-converting webinar” is like finding the elixir of life. A good webinar can provide never-ending income and give your business LIFE. Of course, you also need people to show up and watch. The Master of Webinars will show you:
  •  • Discover how to create an amazing webinar that converts lookie-loo’s into BUYERS
  •  • Get an insider’s look into the world’s most high-converting webinars in history
  •  • Discover how to get people to show up live and actually watch your presentations
Richard Taubinger
Online Summit Expert and Founder of Conscious Marketer 
Summit Mastery:
How to Build Your Email List, Create Massive Authority and Generate Income Fast!
If you're looking for to breakout online, look no further. Online Summits are the world's best kept secret for launching a new business online or taking your business to the next level. How many other models can build your list, create authority and make money at the same time? The Master of Summits will show you:
  •  • Learn the secret way to breakout online - whether you're taking it to the next level or starting from scratch
  •  • Discover the model that has launched more online businesses (and faster) than any other model
  •  • Gain authority, build your audience and generate cash at the same time - even if you don't have a product
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Masters of List Building
Build, Nurture & Monetize Your Audience 
Who wants to learn from an amateur? The answer: Nobody. Why? Because you can't really trust an amateur with your hard-earned money. The truth is that results are what matter when it comes to your business. This is why we hand-selected our speakers based on the results they get for themselves and they're clients. 

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When it comes to list-building, the KEY is to stay RELEVANT. Every dollar counts when you're playing with cash, and the goal is always to get a positive return as fast as possible. This is why we got the best Agency Owners and Ads Managers to show you what's working NOW on the TOP Social Media platforms. Join us to learn how to build your list from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

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What if you knew tomorrow's winning lottery numbers? When you hit on a new strategy for list building it can feel like winning a winning lottery ticket. Our goal with the Masters of List Building Online Summit is to arm you with the techniques that are going to work in the near future, so you can have an advantage in the marketplace. Join us on October 23th -26th to learn from the best for tomorrow.

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It's no secret that lead generation is changing rapidly. What worked even a few years ago is not working today! But while the game has changed there some people who're crushing the competition and building massive tribes online. Join the top 8 experts in the world as they reveal how they continue to grow their list and make sales. Learn expert strategies and techniques that are working NOW to build your list and boost your revenue everyday.
Richard Taubinger
Founder and CEO of Conscious Marketer
Conscious Marketer helps authors, teachers, and transformational businesses create and launch products and services online. Richard is an online Summit expert who is passionate about elevating consciousness through business.

Richard’s career began in the corporate and financial world, where he honed skills as both a trader and entrepreneur where he worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. As his spiritual vision deepened, he transitioned into helped build up expert authors/teachers online businesses through consulting and strategy implementation. Currently, Richard is seeking to develop larger concepts that change existing paradigms in our world, increase the vibrational frequency and resonance of individuals, and bring conscious ways of being into larger systems and structures. This is unfolding through grace moment to moment.
Join us for FREE today:
Masters of List Building
Build, Nurture & Monetize Your Audience 
The Masters of List Building Online Summit is an event that is happening completely online. 
You don’t need to travel to another city, book a hotel room and loose a lot of time and money.
You just register for FREE and watch the interviews from the comfort of your home.
WHEN is the Summit taking place?
The Online Summit is a 4-day event and takes place from October 23 - 26, 2018
WHERE is the Summit taking place?
The Summit is not an offline event in a city but completely online! You don't have to travel. We'll send you join link via email after you register so you can watch the training talks on your computer, tablet or smart phone.
HOW much does the Summit cost?
When you register today the Live broadcast of the entire Summit is FREE. You will have 24 hours to watch each training during the event. If you would rather watch on your own time and have the ability to download the training talks, you  will have the option to purchase the recordings and special bonuses after you register.
What is the format of the talks/interviews?
Most of the talks are interviews with world-class expert speakers. Your host Richard Taubinger will ask powerful questions to get the most valuable and relevant information.
What do I need to watch a talk/an interview?
First you need to register here so we can send you the join link! 

Then every day of the Summit you will receive an email with a private link to watch the live broadcast with thousands of other viewers from around the world. 

All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone with a fast enough internet connection for video streaming.
How long can I watch the talks/interviews?
Great question. Each talk will be available for 24 hours for viewing. If you miss a talk or want to get lifetime access to the talks you can purchase the Upgrade Package after you register.
What happens if I miss a talk?
Every day from October 23th - 26th you will have 24 hours to watch each training. If you miss a talk or want to get lifetime downloadable access to the talks, you can purchase the Masters of List Building Upgrade Package.
Where can I get further information about List Building?
You’re in luck because you’ll be hearing from the best list builders in the business during the summit! Additionally, you will have the option to download a free bonus gift from each speaker during the summit. So be sure to reserve your spot today! We look forward to seeing you on the inside.
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Masters of List Building
Build, Nurture & Monetize Your Audience 
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