Masters of List Building
Build, Grow & Monetize Your Audience
DAY 1 - Tuesday, October 23rd
Justin Brown
CEO & Founder of Primal Video
Justin Brown is a Master at Youtube lead generation. He skillfully uses Youtube to drive traffic and turn viewers into clients. Kevin’s proven techniques and strategies are amplifying his business, online presence and email list all at once. Video marketing is here to stay and he has made Youtube into the ultimate lead generation resource. He has successfully grown his youtube channel to over 170,000 subscribers while skillfully optimizing both his channel and content for traffic and list building.
Youtube Mastery: 
An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Premiere Video Platform for Lead Generation
Did you know that YouTube is an untapped resource for most businesses? Whether you sell digital products, physical products or own a brick and mortar business, YouTube can help you find and convert potential customers. The Master of YouTube will show you: 
  •  • Learn the secrets of the most powerful influencers on YouTube (and how they turn viewers into customers)
  •  • Find out how to make epic videos that capture attention and go viral all over the internet
  •  • Discover why most people actually fail on YouTube and why YOU don’t have to
John Parkes
Chief Revenue Officer, ClickFunnels
John Parkes is a Master at driving web traffic. For more than five years now John has been a coach and stage presenter to thousands of marketers looking to up their facebook ads game. He runs the entire organic and paid traffic teams at ClickFunnels as well as some other side projects and dominates the markets he jumps into. Having spent millions in ads and generated tens of millions he knows his way around ad campaigns like the back of his hand. Whether it’s optimizing things on the campaign, audience, or ad creative level, John is the man with the skills, strategy, and experience to create world class results.
Sales Funnel Mastery: 
Discover how to “Fill Your Funnel” with Quality Ads and Amazing Marketing
If you build a funnel in the middle of the forest, does it make a sound? The truth is that if you want your funnel to succeed, you need people to see it! The real magic of funnels is when you fill your funnel with the perfect lead and watch them effortlessly convert into a sale. The Master of Sales Funnel will show you:
  •  • Discover the KEY creative elements of a high-converting Ad in ANY industry
  •  • Learn how to fill your funnel with QUALITY leads so you can increase ROI
  •  • Find out what’s working NOW in the world of funnels to generate heavy cash-flow
DAY 2 - Wednesday, October 24th
Mason Betsch
Facebook Ad Expert, No Typical Moments
Mason Betsch is a Master of Facebook Campaigns. He is a digital advertising expert & strategist specializing in Facebook Ads. His data-driven results not only make him an expert at list building, but also at lead generation across all major social media channels. His expertise and proven track record of scaling companies is due to his ability to create wildly profitable ad campaigns and generate leads across platforms. When creativity meets strategy, the amount of lead you can generate is endless, especially for Mason.
Facebook Ad Mastery: 
Get the Most Up-To-Date Facebook Strategies for Increasing Conversions and Engagement
If you want Facebook Ads that actually convert, then you need to know what strategies and techniques are working NOW. The fact is that Facebook is ALWAYS changing and you need to stay up-to-date. The Master of Facebook Ads will show you:
  •  • Prevent the dreaded Ad campaign that hemorrhages money
  •  • Learn the tactics and tools of a Facebook Ninja to optimize for high ROI
  •  • Discover what’s working NOW in the ever-changing world of Facebook
Andrew Gottlieb
CEO & Founder, No Typical Moments
As CEO and Founder of No Typical Moments, Andrew is a Master at Facebook Advertising. No Typical Moments is online customer acquisition company that aligns with impactful companies and brands who are championing new ways to advance humanity and leave the world a better place. His agency has worked with brands such as Eckhart Tolle, The NRDC, Lisa Nichols, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and and Ken Blanchard. Andrew is not only a master at list building, but moving humanity forward with the clients that align with his purpose and mission.
Social Media Agencies Mastery: 
How to Start a Rockstar Social Media Ad Agency That Gets High Quality Leads for Top Companies and Online Brands
Running Facebook Ads is one thing, but starting a social media ad agency is a whole different thing. When it comes to online business, lead generation is something companies and brands will pay a lot of money for. The Master of Social Media Ad Agencies will show you:
  •  • Discover what makes a social media advertising agency GREAT
  •  • Learn what NOT to do as a facebook ad freelancer or agency owner
  •  • Get clients who care and work to make a difference in the world.
Richard Taubinger
Online Summit Expert and Founder of Conscious Marketer 
Richard Taubinger is the Master of Online Summits. He helps conscious business build their online businesses and presence through his strategic & soul based marketing techniques. Online summits are Richards number one secret for amplifying email lists, creating massive authority in the market and, of course, selling products - all in one. As a master of online summits, Richard is an expert at scaling businesses while creating measurable and exponential results. He is proof that online summits are what can take your business to the next level and with a higher purpose.
Summit Mastery:
How to Build Your Email List, Create Massive Authority and Generate Income Fast!
If you're looking for to breakout online, look no further. Online Summits are the world's best kept secret for launching a new business online or taking your business to the next level. How many other models can build your list, create authority and make money at the same time? The Master of Summits will show you:
  •  • Learn the secret way to breakout online - whether you're taking it to the next level or staring from scratch
  •  • Discover the model that has launched more online businesses (and faster) than any other model
  •  • Gain authority, build your audience and generate cash at the same time - even if you don't have a product
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DAY 3 - Thursday, October 25th
Jon Tarr
Serial Entrepreneur and Business Trainer
Jon Tarr is a Master at Paid Traffic. As a business trainer, expert in cryptocurrency and former real estate entrepreneur, Jon uses his unique background and experience to dominate the art of paid traffic. Whether it’s list building or creating a 5.5 million webinar, Jon knows the ins and outs of the online marketing world and has the results to prove it. Specializing in direct response marketing, Jon is a master at generating leads, building massive audiences and, of course, conversion.
Paid Traffic Mastery: 
Learn the World’s Most “Unknown” Techniques for Buying (and even Selling) Traffic
Behind the curtain of most successful online businesses is a wizard of paid traffic and this is your chance to learn from one of the best. While it is no secret that most people have to “pay-to-play” in the modern marketplace, how you pay is still a secret for most people, until now. The Master of Paid Traffic will show you:
  •  • Learn the top 7 secrets to converting paid traffic so you are making money right out of the gate
  •  • Get the inside scoop on ethically buying and selling leads for a profit without spamming
  •  • Discover where the best marketers in the world find quality, yet inexpensive, leads (you might be surprised)
Kylie Slavik
Brand Story Consultant & Copywriter
Kylie Slavik is a Master of Storytelling. As a former slam poet gone "accidental digital marketer," Kylie has been telling stories for brands in personal development and coaching for the past 5 years, generating $5,000,000 with stories on Facebook alone. Kylie knows the power of the written word and the results that it can produce. It is her unique combination of storytelling and copy makes her ads both profitable and moving. Connecting with audience through story is to the key creating more traffic, engagement and sales. Which makes Kylie not just a master at list building, but also retention.
Storytelling Mastery: 
An “Untapped” Resource for Building Your Tribe Online and Creating Maximum Impact
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Jaws, The Matrix: What do all these movies have in common? Besides being blockbuster hits - they ALL follow Joseph Cambell’s Hero’s Journey. And If you really want to connect with your tribe online, the Hero’s Journey is your Key to the Kingdom. The Master of storytelling will show you:
  •  • Learn how to engage people in a story of hope and transformation that will making “selling” effortless
  •  • Tap into an ageless narrative that speaks to your customers deepest fears, hopes and dreams
  •  • Create stories with classic archetypes that can convey a powerful message to the marketplace
DAY 4 - Friday, October 26th
Joel Erway
The Webinar Agency, Founder
Joel Erway is a master at list building and conversion with webinars. As an Webinar expert, Joel has generated over $10 Million in sales. He not only has proven that webinars are a great way to build an email list and generate sales, but is the foundation to building a deeper connection with any audience. Joel helps businesses craft protiable webinars, sales pitches, and designs programs that get massive results and conversions, making him the top webinar consultant for businesses and experts alike.
Webinar Mastery:
How to Become a Webinar Wizard and Get People to Show Up and Watch Your Sales Presentations!
In the world on online business, the coveted “high-converting webinar” is like finding the elixir of life. A good webinar can provide never-ending income and give your business LIFE. Of course, you also need people to show up and watch. The Master of Webinars will show you:
  •  • Discover how to create an amazing webinar that converts lookie-loo’s into BUYERS
  •  • Get an insider’s look into the world’s most high-converting webinars in history
  •  • Discover how to get people to show up live and actually watch your presentations
Kevin Nations
World's Most Effective Mentor
Kevin Nations is the Master of High Ticket Sales and is known as the world’s most effective mentor. He is the premier sales mentor for big ticket consultants and service professionals worldwide. Kevin is an industry leader and one of the original promoters of High Ticket Consulting Sales. It would be difficult to find high ticket coaches and consultants in the industry who weren’t either directly mentored by Kevin, or indirectly as a result of his massive influence. 
High-Ticket Mastery: 
How to Attract Leads Specifically for High-Ticket Sales and Big Profits
Not every lead is created equal and this is especially true for High-ticket Sales. If you want to prepare your leads for a powerful sales call you need a powerful process to get them ready for transformation. The Master of High-ticket Sales will show you:
  •  • How to finally adopt an abundant mindset for yourself and your clients
  •  • Learn the secrets to “vetting” leads for high-ticket sales and big profits
  •  • Discover how you can prepare your clients for powerful transformation
Own Access to over 8 Hours of List Building 
Training and Get Instant Access to Special Bonuses